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Trade mark, patent, design, copyright, domain name, trade secret, geographical indication, plant variety - we got you covered. We guide our clients through the four stages of (a) creation (b) protection (c) commercialisation (d) enforcement.


IP registration and IP asset management services are supported by our registration arm, MOI JURIS.


Did someone copy your idea, design or brand name, or hijack your preferred domain? Or perhaps you received a cease and desist letter? Speak to MOI.



We work with artistes, performers, producers, writers, composers, musicians, sports celebrities, photographers, advertising agencies and even those in public relations and corporate communication.


We help our clients review marketing, merchandising, sponsorship, franchise, advertising, media distribution and publishing agreements.


Need help to ensure your rights are adequately protected? Speak to MOI.




We work with employers, ranging from small start-ups to family-owned businesses to multinational corporations, to manage and protect their proprietary assets through well-drafted restraint of trade, non-disclosure of confidential information and intellectual property rights clauses.


Need help with reviewing your standard employment contract? Or perhaps you want to

stop a past employee from misusing the company proprietary information or joining a competitor? Speak to MOI.



​Misrepresentation, non-delivery, defective product, unsatisfactory service, breach of contract, false advertising - are these some of the issues you as a consumer face in your dealing with service providers, retailers, contractors, car dealers? We guide our clients through resolving these issues, including preparing for small claims tribunal hearing.


Or perhaps you are a business vendor wanting to ensure you do not fall foul of consumer protection fair trading and data protection laws? We help our clients review their sales practice and contract terms vis-a-vis consumers and suppliers, and put in place an appropriate data protection policy. Speak to MOI.



We work with manufacturers, service providers, logistics companies, software and mobile application developers, research institutions, e-commerce business and any ventures that employ technology and innovative process in their operations.


We help our clients protect their invention (whether it is a product or a process) through patent registration or through well-drafted intellectual property rights clauses in software development, website terms and conditions, joint venture, contract manufacturing and supply, technology licensing and outsourcing agreements. Speak to MOI.



Not all disputes need to be litigated. Often, mediation is the better way to resolve disputes. Apart from being time and cost efficient, it allows parties to take control of the process and offers an opportunity for achieving a win-win outcome. More importantly, it has the potential of saving relationships, be it personal or business.


Entering into a deal with a business partner soon? There are no such things as standard contract terms. Let us help you manage your contractual risks and negotiate for the best deal.


Need a mediator or a negotiator? Speak to MOI.


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